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This schedule can and WILL change from day to day. So PLEASE check it regularly, even before practice!


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This program is for beginners or new players trying soccer with limited OR NO experience. Not sure about what sport for your child? Soccer is a great sport for kids! Whether boy or girl, this will be a great program for your child. If your child is 3 to 6 years old or an older beginner and you want a fun learning environment, please fill out the contact form below. (If your child is experienced and excels at soccer please consider our Academy and visit

Soccer Fun Club™ Curriculum – What is the program?

Comfort with a ball at your feet – touches, touches, touches!

Soccer Fun Club’s Recreational Program focuses on social capacity (play and relating with others), technical development, building confidence in young soccer players, improving cognitive development, and increasing imagination by allowing players to learn the game gradually in a fun, engaged environment. This age group is in Stage 1 of Development which is described as Mastery of the Ball (Skills). Players will become familiar with basic soccer skills like dribbling, running, and scoring goals. THE MAIN TECHNICAL EMPHASIS WILL BE ON DRIBBLING, DRIBBLING UNDER LIMITED PRESSURE, AND SCORING GOALS.

The main objective within the curriculum is for kids to fall in love with soccer, make new friends and develop soccer coordination. This is recreational soccer with helpful parent-coaches and a focus on fun and development. But unlike many recreational soccer programs, our parent-coaches will be trained how to teach basic soccer fundamentals to children using fun games and activities. This helps ensure a positive experience for coaches and players alike and helps players learn proper technique at the earliest ages. Faster learning takes place when kids play often, and at home, and kids should be able to play with mom and dad too.

Program Highlights

  • Age appropriate program for Boys and Girls
  • “One with One” learning for the little ones as parents participate with the child
  • Weekly one-hour practice at a park in Tracy
  • Weekly second practice mixed with New Ball game day
  • Parent-coaches led by Coach Brian
  • A great time to build community and make new friends



  • Fun! Our Number One Rule!
  • Develop the individual player
  • Maximize touches for better ball control
  • Limited Skills & Moves using both feet
  • Improve balance & coordination
  • Running mechanics
  • Increased confidence
  • Allow small sided games (SSG) to be part of the learning process

Program Concept

The program is open for up to 20 players. The group will train often at the same time (two times per week) alongside the experienced kids in the academy. The kids will be separated by ability after the 20 minute warm up. Coaching and education will be conducted by Soccer Fun Club’s Brian McGibbon with the help of parents. Coach Brian will introduce Dynamic Continuous Learning™ in a variety of games and activities that will have players getting multiple touches on the ball while maintaining a fun soccer experience.  Brian is a member of the NSCAA. Children will play no more than two days per week but are expected to touch the ball often at home.

What about Games?

This is not a league. Leagues with referees are too official and intense for young children. When children scrimmage, games will be played using the “New Ball Assist Method” where a new ball is added by coaches when the ball goes out or a goal is scored. Coaches get all kids involved. This “continuous play” method increases touches and learning much faster than traditional game day methods where kids are STATIC and standing more. Small sided games are played 3 vs 3 or 2 vs 2.

The PROGRAM Philosophy

The Soccer Fun Club™ provides low pressure development in the Tracy area for children whose parents want to explore the sport of soccer for their children. Think about Sunday School and Kindergarten – A positive, fun and nurturing environment is the best way for children to learn, especially at the younger ages. This experience is for fun, NUMBER ONE. We just happen to have fun with a soccer ball. The children will feel like they are going to a park to play. Kids are playing soccer (football or futbol) all over the world in the streets. It is the most popular sport. The streets are not practical here, of course, so the club offers an opportunity for kids to play and learn.

“Sports, when approached in the right way, can be as valuable as academics in the development of a happy child.”
– Dr. Edward M. Hallowell, child and adult psychiatrist specializing in ADD/ADHD

“We are asking our players to compete before they have learned how to play.”
– Jay Miller, U.S. U-20 Men’s National Team, former coach

“Play is the highest form of research.”
– Albert Einstein

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